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 Welcome to our Private Gentlemen's Parties

Welcome to our private Gentlemen's Escort Parties where you can experience the most provocative and adventures ladies you will ever encounter in a relaxing and stylish environment.

We are NOT a Swingers Club or adult Gang Bang venue. We are a discreet country establishment offering 1-1 private gentlemen’s parties to individuals, small groups of businessmen and senior gentleman. A maximum of 5 guests can be entertained at any one time in 5 Star comfort.

During the party you will have the opportunity to experience the refined performances of several of our ladies who understand the importance of sensual body contact, massage therapy, music and dance. Socialise in the spa pool and enjoy a buffet lunch before a special "grand finale" during your stay. You will find we pay attention to all your sensual needs, teasing and releasing your sexual frustrations, leaving you confident and at piece with the World.

We believe this is the ultimate venue to escape life’s stresses.


EXPERIENCE something different , mind-blowing and UNIQUE !

Excape the pressures of life and let us give you a party to remember. We will tease you and awaken all your sexual appetite leaving you with a

                                                                       sensation of overwhelming pleasure and relaxati


                         EXCLUSIVE MEMBERS CLUB  !  *                            

This is what dreams are made of. Live your life to the full with no regrets ! Come and have some fun. All-work no play don't make you a happy boy ! So come and take a break.

Don't be shy, this invitation is for you ! Don't sit alone and think about things that could happen when I can listen and make everything right for you.

Maybe she doesn't understand you the way I do. Passion is not easy to find, neither is caring with unconditional giving. My passion is yours unconditionally.

It must be hard for you working all day and never getting the care and support that you need.

I am here for you and will make your life much happier,

even if it is just for a moment.

Don't feel left out and don't feel alone . Live your life to the full today with no regrets.